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Smart, Fun, Sexy

Run Time 14 minutes

Score 5.0

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Cum Eating Solo

Smart, Fun, Sexy

Remastered and now in 1080p. Bobby describes himself as smart, fun, and, sexy. He's got a great hot guy next door look and doesn't mind showing off his furry tanned body.

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39ernest - 2015/08/08

Would love to see him again: rare combination of great personality and nice body!

abelsil - 2018/04/22

Have him top or get topped. what a dream boat.

acurarl2002 - 2015/08/06

Please bring Bobby Hunter back for more ! He is incredibly hot, hairy, and handsome !

amoree7 - 2015/09/17

Handsome face, beautiful body, lovely body hair with a nice pubes, nice cum.

bearlight - 2015/10/01

I agree with everyone else - bring him back! Would love to see this guy get topped. He comes across manly, thus, that would make it twice as exciting to see him bottom.

bigD207 - 2015/08/09

This guy is really hot ! I want to start a collection of his videos. Hope you can get him to come back for more. Thank You!!!!

enriky82 - 2016/12/10

Handsome guy with nice body hair ! Can u get Cain West or Marcelo to fuck this great guy with the beautiful pubes !

fireplugstud - 2016/02/02

HOT!!!! Perfect little jock boy cock! HAVE HIM BACK! He likes to eat cum too! Those smaller/average cocks always cum HUGE!

gltbears - 2016/12/06

Damn, Tom is one hot fucker! Natural, relaxed and not faked!

heythere - 2015/08/06

I am in love! Perfect guy. So very hot!

hokieman - 2017/07/30

We need Bobby back!! He's fucking sexy!! I often find myself watching his videos and shooting big loads!

lemonhead - 2015/08/20

looks like the married accountant next door with 2.5 kids...again love to see freeballing in sweats...Anyone agree???

mimoza7 - 2016/03/26

Exciting CUM. Love his body hair and pubic hair. Get a good TOP to fuck him ... guess that would be doubly exciting.

miranda - 2015/08/08

So Beautifull---Really Gorgeous guy.

paulscaddy - 2015/08/07

Very hot guy! Like him a lot. Hope we see more of him. Maybe with some scruff.

stello1 - 2016/03/09

GORGEOUS BOBBY!!!! Would love to see bobby with Marcelo!!!!

wormgut - 2016/01/29

Please bring him back. So hot, hairy and sexy. He loves to show off too!

yyuter - 2015/08/11

Will he try guy on guy? I would love to see Junior top him!

zipperman - 2015/08/07

What a Beautiful man, in every way! Perfectly hairy in all the right places! Perfect cock and balls!! Thank You for sharing your body with us!

Justlookn - 2019/04/23

He needs to come back for an update. Man he is so cute.