Daniel Gets Fucked

Run Time 17 minutes

Score 5.0

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Daniel Gets Fucked

This is the one you've been waiting for. Jaxton fucks Daniel and it's a hot one. His big dick was a bit of a stretch, pun inteneded, for Daniel who takes it like a champ.

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bearlight1 - 2017/04/29

WOW! WHAT A FUCK! Daniel has become my second favorite model after Junior. What a pleasure to see either one get fucked... P.S. Hopefully guys with bodily hair are coming back in demand. Daniel is a prime example of what a HOT, hairy man can be.

enriky82 - 2017/04/28

DAMN ! Love DANIEL'S body hair and that nice thick pubic hair. Same with JAXTON ... and he is a very good fucker.

Fireplug - 2017/04/17

WOW! This is one very hot video!

mangpepe - 2017/08/12

Love to see Daniel enjoying Jaxton's GREAT cock. Great fucking Jaxton ! Oh ! Love both men with nice pubic hair !

njbears - 2017/05/14

Jaxton is a fucking STUD. Lick his hole then get fucked by him. And did Daniel take it like a man! Such a "fucked me good cum".

darkspiritbear - 2018/12/01