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Bare Ass Embarrassed in the Woods

Run Time 10 minutes

Score 4.7

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Outdoors Solo

Bare Ass Embarrassed in the Woods

Eli is shy about getting naked on camera and in front of Jack. He soon warms up and shows us his hard wood.

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7DESEOS - 2019/01/29

DAMN ! ELI HAS A GREAT GORGEOUS COCK. NICE PUBES. YUMMY THICK CUM ! It was a delight seeing ELI walk and jog into the woods beautifully. Too bad JACK was just an observer.

Luckycamper - 2019/01/29

Sexy straight guy and so naturally sexy. Nice wack job. Next time give the poor guy a pair of sneakers, But what a hot floppy dick

obbie777 - 2019/01/30

Nice dick, nice bush, cute ass and beard, love the cap too, Bill sure can pick em! :)

wormgut - 2019/01/30

More Eli, please. Good looking and hot body. Nothing to be shy about. He seemed to get more comfortable with his nudity as the video went on. Hope he returns for more.

Sean - 2019/03/06

awesome video, I could watch this handsome guys dick flop around all day!